Ci sono due tipi di conoscenza

Friday, 08 May 09
Da un commento che ho scritto su, una cosa che ho sempre pensato. La discussione era scaturita dalla domanda di un utente che chiedeva se fosse il caso o no di imparare a sviluppare con gli strumenti Microsoft.

There are two kind of programming knowledge:

a) the kind of knowledge that never goes away. To know how a linked list works or the time complexity of randomized qsort is really valuable. The more you can know about this stuff, the better.

b) non-general knowledge, that is, knowledge that aliens from beta-orionis can't know about: they probably know about qsort, and prime numbers, and linked lists, and parallelization. This are concepts not invented, but... mostly discovered. Instead non-general knowledge is how to configure Apache, how a particular programming language works (and not the general abstraction it implements), and how Microsoft technologies work.

You are required to learn a lot of b-type stuff, but the lesser the better, so you have to learn environments, languages, that are powerful, cheap, affordable, available, reliable, ...
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